Aesthetic/Rugged Anodized Aluminum Housing

The housing of our roller shades is made out of extruded aluminum to ensure that the shade has the greatest rigidity. The rugged aluminum housing also provides aethetic looks to any room that the shade is installed in. The clear anodized finish further adds beautiful touches and extra protection from surrounding elements.

Integrated Battery Holder

The battery holder holds 8 D-cell batteries which can be purchased easily from most stores. The holder is integrated into the aluminum housing which provides easy access to the batteries for quick replacements without extra tools.

Universal Mounting Bracket

The universal mounting bracket allows the roller shade to be installed in any configuration effortlessly whether it's inside-mounted, outside-mounted or reverse-roll mounted. Thanks to the symmetric design of the housing. The roller shade is fixed to the bracket by snapping the front part of the bracket into the groove on the housing that makes installations/uninstallations at ease.

Roller Tube Support

This unique design feature eliminates deflection of roller tubes, especially in long shades. Roller tube deflection causes fabric wrinkles which affects the look and functionality of the roller shade. Depending on the length of the shade or the amount of tube deflection, a number of tube supports will be used to ensure the roller tube is always balanced.

Manual or Automatic Control Options

Whether you want to control your shades manually or automatically, we got you covered. We offer manual remote controls that allows you to open or close your shades at anytime you wish. When you are too busy with your life, you can count on our automatic remote controls that will open or close your shades at preset times of your choice and of course you can still control your shade manually.

Fabric Selections

Our solar screen fabric collection offers stylish and modern aesthetic with high durability, made with the most technically-advanced coated yarn in the industry, the Solar Screen controls glare and heat without disturbing the view. Available in a range of fabric and color choices, while offering unmatched design possibilities and all-day interior comfort.